Monday, April 8, 2013

Updates On Trademarks!

So, I was checking American Girl's trademarks today, and I noticed that Isabel (The InnerstarU Guide's name) was abandoned! So, I checked on InnerstarU (My InnerstarU is Rosalie135) and checked the shopping section (Where Isabel is), and Isabel's still there. Could American Girl edit her name to become Isabelle? Not like it's too important, but that means the GOTY's MIGHT, just MIGHT no longer be Isabelle!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


The 2014 GOTY will be a ballerina! They're calling up for castings for the 2014 GOTY, and they've given away the basic plot for the movie! Here's the link to the post on the website:

From the looks of it, her name, as said in the info, is Blanche Palmer, but since that's not trademarked, I think it's safe to say our 2014 GOTY will be named Isabelle. Of course, I'm just relying on pure guess- not any actual info. Who knows, her name might be trademarked at the last minute, or maybe it could be Teagan. Well, we'll find out through time- I suppose! That's all for now! :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Updated Info On Trademarked Names

I've been checking Trademarkia for updates on trademarked names, and it looks like American Girl has abandoned the trademark Saba, so this means we are only down to two trademarked names!  These two names are "Teagan" and "Isabelle", and so this means the possibility of us finding the true name is even bigger! I'm SO excited! :D

Which name would you prefer for the 2014 GOTY? Comment it down below!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

*Might Be* Info about the 2014 GOTY!

American Girl has trademarked three names, which are Saba, Teagan, and Isabelle! These names are NOT USED, so that means they can be used for any doll! Although, I think that Isabelle MIGHT *REMEMBER THAT THIS NAME CAN BE USED FOR ANY DOLL* be the new name for our 2014 GOTY! Why, you ask? Because American Girl JUST trademarked it, and it's almost 2013. They usually trademark their GOTY names a year before they're released, so this is a VERY good sign! But let's find out what the name will truly be as we come closer to 2014 and have more information coming in.

Let's search for information on the 2014 GOTY!

I know, I may sound crazy, but because so much has been released about Saige, I thought it might be a good idea to start looking for info on the 2014 GOTY. But, I'll seriously NEED YOUR HELP! Here's how YOU can help!

1. Please make sure to look out for false GOTY's, like the ones below.

This is an example of a FAKE. How do I know? First off, Delta is a name that is not currently trademarked by American Girl, because American Girl needs to trademark their names in order to use them with their dolls. And if you look carefully, you can see that is just one of American Girl's outfits with a new color.

We will NOT accept any information that we KNOW is fake. And if we DO post anything that is unofficial, please inform us so we can delete the inaccurate post immediately.

2.Don't worry if you can't find anything, take your time.

It will take a TON of time before new information gets released, so don't get anxious or frustrated if you can't find much. In fact, all we know is that American Girl has three trademarked names, Saba, Teagan, and Isabelle (Also, to prevent confusion, there's an InnerStarU guide with a similar name, which is Isabel, but please note the different spelling), that are unused. But this is totally fine. It's only 2012, after all. I'm betting that American Girl is either picking their authors for the 2014 book OR having their authors just begin to write the book.

3.Send out new information by contacting me on my YouTube, AGSmoothies.

4.And that's it! Send in any information as soon as you find it, and determine wheter you WOULD or WOULD NOT like credit, please.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pictures of the 2013 GOTY!

Hey, guys! I'm here with all the latest GOTY info, from soon-to-come GOTYs to current GOTYs. You may know me from AGSmoothies, my YouTube channel, and I'm so excited to start making this blog, it's going to be so much FUN! :D

So it seems that we have found a picture of the 2013 GOTY, who is going to be Saige. Here are some pictures I have edited so you can get a close view of her things. The original images are from Doll Diaries, so remember that these are NOT my photos!

So what do you think about it? I'll need to give this blog a make-over. Any ideas? Remember, it's GOTY themed.